Support guidelines

Support timings (if you need to contact us): 11AM - 5PM Monday - Friday.
Turn around time for support: Best effort.

What NOT to expect from support?

  1. 24/7 support.
  2. Instant telephonic support.
  3. Support on weekends (saturdays and sundays).

Recommended way to get support:

  1. Drop us a message on WhatsApp before calling.
  2. Inform us in advance, book a support session if needed.
  3. We are always busy helping customers. We may be not able to accept calls immediately, request your cooperation in this regard.
  4. The more polite you are, the better support you get.


Why not 24/7 support?
We believe software should be user friendly and user's should not have to call for help. And for the features which are not available cannot be build overnight anyway. We are monitoring our servers everyday. In case of a server downtime you can always call us.