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Labsmart is a part of my day to day activity. Right from reporting to patient management, billing etc... it does all, for our centre it cover up 90% of our work related to X-ray, Pathology, Sonography. i'll highly recommend this to everyone......

Dr. Vrashali Singh



We are a young company, providing software solution to Diagnostic centres and Pathology labs,within and outside India. We have developed the software keeping in mind the needsof the diagnostic labs in the Indian healthcare market.

LabSmart is growing its presence everyday and is being used in smaller towns and metro cities alike.

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Send reports online, quickly and professionally

 Email SMS WhatsApp

LabSmart lets you easily review and share lab reports with patients and doctors,on the medium of their choice. Apart from printing, reports can be delivered over email,SMS and whatsapp.

Powerful report customization

Along with auto calculation of test results in cbc, lipid, lft, kft, LabSmart lets you fully customize the test database. Each laboratory has and maintains its own test database which can be extended to any number of tests.

Add new tests

Handle report format for all departments

Haematology Biochemistry
Serology & Immunology Clinical pathology
Microbiology Endocrinology
Histopathology Cytology

Add and customize interpretations

Auto calculate test results and autocomplete possible results

Set normal values according to patient age and gender

Keep your patients updated
with automated SMS

Send transactional SMS to patients with customized sender name.


Welcome SMS

LabSmart automatically sends welcome SMS to patients with your lab name and phone number.


Bill SMS

Sending bill info through SMS removes fear of losing physical bill, establishes trust and transparency with your patients.


Report ready SMS

Don't keep your patients waiting. LabSmart will automatically send report ready SMS when it is marked final.

Our Customers

We make it convenient forLaboratory Technologists, Pathologists and Radiologiststo run their business with peace of mind while delivering quality healthcare.

Why us?

Apart from user friendly features, we offer outstanding support to help you run your business friction free.We work with the latest technologies to provide a secure and reliable solution.We keep adding new features to the software regularly as per market feedback, free of any extra charges.


No installation hassles

Run on multiple computers

Access over phone

Regular software updates

Hassle free and fast setup

Online customer support

Easy to operate