WhatsApp Reports

It’s always a good idea to have a lot of platforms over which you can send your patients their reports. LabSmart provides you with the facility to send them not only via SMS but also via WhatsApp.

This feature is especially useful in times of emergency. In urgent cases, reports should reach the patients as quickly as they can. Via WhatsApp, reports can be sent to patients within seconds without them having to come to the lab to collect them.

Since so many users are active on WhatsApp, it becomes a great medium for you to connect with your patients.


  • WhatsApp is widely used. Patients can easily access their reports through it.
  • Reports can be sent to patients very quickly. This is very helpful in urgent cases.
  • Since data is now cheaper, the cost of using WhatsApp is negligible. You can freely send reports to your patients without wasting any money.
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