SMS Notifications

Keeping your patient informed at all times is critical part of the patient experience. LabSmart will send following messages to the patients:

Welcome message:

Welcome message contains your centre’s name and contact number. This gives patient an easy to connect with your lab whenever they need.

The more patients you register in the system the more widely your centre’s contact is circulated which improves the chances for patient to revisit your centre.

Message format:

Dear <PATIENT NAME>, Welcome to <Diagnostic Centre Name> (<Diagnostic Centre Contact No.>)

Sample message:

Dear Amit, Welcome to Hope Diagnostic Centre (9742767943)

Receipt message:

Once the patient registration is done and required investigations are registered LabSmart will send an SMS to the patient informing him/her about the investigations, amount paid, balance amount, total fee charged.

This message also informs the patient that when our lab report will be ready we will alert you by sending an SMS.

Message format:

Dear <PATIENT NAME>, You paid Rs.<FEE PAID>, Total Fee: <TOTAL FEE> for <CASE DETAILS>

Sample message:

Dear Mr. Amit, You paid Rs.1400, Total Fee: 1610 for UsgCase – U1: K.U.B. MALE, LabCase – L1: B.T. & C.T., E.S.R., Dengue Balance: Rs. 210. We will inform you when your Lab report is ready by sending an SMS

Report ready message:

Once the report is marked final in the system. LabSmart automatically sends out a message to the patient asking them to collect the report from the centre.

Message format:

Dear <PATIENT NAME>, Your lab report is ready. Kindly collect from the center.

Sample message:

Dear Amit, Your lab report is ready. Kindly collect from the center.

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