“One Click HISAAB”

Maintaining daily accounts is a crucial requirement of laboratory owners. For example, calculating the number of patients, totaling the revenue generated, assessing profit, etc. are things which the firm needs to perform and record on a daily basis. When done manually, these calculations require tremendous amounts of mental energy. This not only makes the task challenging and tiresome but also makes the calculations highly prone to human errors.

LabSmart helps you organize your accounts extremely easily and efficiently. It does the job of the many registers one would otherwise have to use for record keeping. Likewise it even accounts for details like all the discounts you offered throughout the day, the patients who have dues to be cleared, etc. With just a click, you can get a thorough daily analysis of your business based on the entries made over the day.

Saving your employees from a lot of labor, the software also makes your laboratory a better place to work in and significantly boosts the employees’ work satisfaction. This increases the efficiency of your laboratory as the employees remain more active and relaxed.

You get to check your daily business details anytime and anywhere with LabSmart.

Benefits of using: 

  • Minimizes the scope of human error
  • Saves time and labor of your employees
  • Helps in managing your business in a smarter way
  • Boosts employees’ work satisfaction and happiness
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