Maintain Patient History

Search all the reports generated for a patient by

    • Her name


    • The doctor who referred her to you


    • The test she got performed


  • The date she got herself tested

This helps you…

    • Have a record of all the bills and reports generated for a patient


    • Have a record of the messages you sent to the patient


    • Have access to any previous report of a patient that she requests for


  • Ensure your patients that all their records are safe with you

You can find all the reports of a patient at one go!

LabSmart helps you maintain a record of all the patients you have served. It enables you to register all your patients when they first use your services, and helps you enlist them to keep a track of further transactions they have with you.

This record also preserves their data, including the tests they went for. Thanks to this feature, you will never have to face the embarrassment of not being able to retrieve an earlier report on a patient’s request.

Along with the collective business analyses that the software provides, this individualised, patient oriented feature gives you an edge over other service providers.

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