Enrich Patient Experience

LabSmart(Software for Pathology Lab) helps you save the time of your patients and serve them most efficiently. This keeps your patients happy and increases their loyalty towards your services.


LabSmart(Software for Pathology Lab) enriches patient experience in the following ways:
  • The patients will not need to come to the laboratory to collect reports. Sending reports over the phone helps them save their time.
  • LabSmart(Software for Pathology Lab) automatically sends SMS’s to patients as soon as their report is ready. They will not be required to wait in your laboratory while the report is getting generated.
  • You get to print accurate reports which would help doctors treat the patients better.
  • The software offers you automated patient queue management, wherein every receipt comes with daily case number printed in big, bold letters. Every patient would know there number in the queue.
  • Bill SMS – Patient will get an SMS of the receipt which shows bill details.
  • Welcome SMS – As soon as the patient gets registered, an SMS with the name of the centre and its contact number is automatically sent to the patient. The patient can then directly call the centre whenever s/he wishes to.

All this helps to build their trust in your services. Software for Pathology Lab will ensure that your patients come back only to you in the future.

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