Easy to operate

LabSmart makes your business operation easier because the software is very easy to use. Even those employees who have a minimal computer operating experience can easily get used to the LabSmart software.

LabSmart enhances your productivity from the first day of its installation. As soon as you are done registering yourself for the software, you can start printing the bills and reports on your own.

How does the LabSmart make your business easier?

    • Calculate and organised accounting details with just a click using the “one click HISAAB”.
    • Find all the bills with dues/balance automatically on the Patient Registration dashboard.
    • Enter test results in auto generated lab reports via Patient Registration.
    • Automatically calculate the total bill amount from all the investigations on Patient Registration. Automatically adjust discounts while calculating total bill.
    • Visually select lab test/investigations while doing the Patient Registration.
  • Enter the patient’s name, age, gender and mobile number at one go.
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