SMS Lab Report with LabSmart

In today’s busy world, only the smartest ones get the best possible outcomes. In a laboratory setup, the best outcome refers to being able to serve more and more patients efficiently which can be done only through LabSmart.

Patients first visit the laboratory to give samples and come back to get the reports. LabSmart enables you to send reports through an SMS. A link to a PDF of the report is sent to the patient’s phone. Likewise this PDF can be opened on any web browser on her/his phone. Patients can check and download their reports as per their convenience.

This helps save your own time as well as that of the patient. Hence it makes the patient’s experience a lot better. And which incentivizes the patient to return to your laboratory for further follow-ups and checkups.

Benefits of using LabSmart:

Saves the patient’s time

Increases patient’s return rate.

Enriches the patient’s experience.

Saves your time

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