Print Receipts with Thermal Printers

As LabSmart runs with Google Chrome browser, it supports a wide range of printers like Laser printers, InkJet printers and Thermal printers.

As of now, we provide two printing options to the customers

  • A5 Size Receipt (Half the size of an A4 size paper)

Even though A5 size bundle is not readily available in the market, it can still be easily obtained from any printing press in exchange of an A4 size bundle. Printing presses have machines that can halve A4 size sheets (making them A5 size sheets). The press would charge you nothing or just a nominal amount for this.
If you select this option, you can also go for receipt paper printing. You can have your centre’s branding printed in the header and the footer, and the receipt matter will be printed in between

  • Thermal Printer Receipt

Requires a 3-inch paper roll, easily available in the market.

Your Laboratory, Diagnostic Center or Hospital name