Print Referral Business

LabSmart enables you to keep a record of the number of patients referred to you by particular doctors. You can easily check which doctor sent how many patients to your laboratory to get tested.

That’s not all! You can even print daily business reports in accordance with the doctor who referred patients to you. That means you can keep a record of the business that takes place not just between the patients and yourself but also between the doctors and you. In other words, you will get to know and record what business happened at your lab thanks to which doctor’s references.

With LabSmart it will help you..

Lets you print your business in accordance with the doctors.

Avoids any confusion that could arise between you and a doctor on those lines

Maintains a list of all the doctors who prescribed the tests to your patients

Maintaining transparent records of which doctor referred how many patients to your lab.

Your Laboratory, Diagnostic Center or Hospital name